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Floor Plan Design

At Front Door Construction Management, we build new custom homes from one of our pre-designed plans, your plan, or a design built from scratch.

Your Plans

Depending on where you are in the process, you may already have completed much of the preliminary process of building a new home.

Some of our clients have already worked with an architect and designed the perfect home for their lifestyle.

We’ll work with you to put together the rest of the process including permitting, estimating, civil engineering, site development and more.


Our Plans

We have over 1,500 pre-designed, award-winning floor plans in stock with many of them already engineered.

If you’re looking to eliminate 2-3 months off of your custom home timeline, this may be the ticket!

Talk to us and we’ll pull some of our plans that fit your lifestyle.



Designed From Scratch

The ultimate in custom home building, designing a home from scratch!  While this process will require 4-6 weeks of design and engineering work, you’ll get a home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Our award-winning architect is right here under our roof.  Darin Rueppell of Rueppell Design has designed over 10,000 homes right here in the Northwest for families and large home builders alike.


Your home, any way you want it.  You can choose one of our pre-priced floor plans or we’ll work with you to design the home you want, built from scratch.  Already have plans?  Not a problem.

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